28 Jul

Electric motor maintenance is to extend the life of the bearing system

The electric motor housing 132 to have ZZ bearings, but have no grease fitting and has the electric motor housing having grease fitting 160 to the pin 200 is optional. When the electric motor housing has between 225 to 355 is normal that the electric motor has the grease fitting pin.

The purpose of performing the maintenance of the electric motor is extended as much as possible, the life of the bearing system. The electric motor maintenance process includes the observation of the general state of the electric motor and where are the bearings; lubrication and cleaning the electric motor also serve to evaluate the overall condition of the electric motor and also serves to make a thorough examination of the bearings.

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The temperature control in electric motor bearing part of routine maintenance. Ideally, it is a lubricated bearing with appropriate grease, but you must follow what is described in the electric motor manual.

21 Jul

Choosing the electric motor

Some factors must be taken into account when choosing the electric motor

To choose a template or other electric motor 5650 olp is necessary that an analysis be done to choose the best electric motor and to do this analysis must be taken into consideration: cost, network capacity, the need for correction factor power, the required combined, the effects of load inertia, the need or not speed control and environmental issue is necessary to analyze: the humidity, dust and environmental atmosphere is corrosive.

The asynchronous electric motor cage meets the need in most cases, however, some applications make use of the electric motor wound rotor and rings when the starting load is high inertia and so classified as a heavy, the drives of adjustable speeds or while still it is necessary to limit the inrush current to the torque is maintained.

09 Jun

Deep cycle battery is the most suitable for the electric motor

While maintaining the electric motor running for a shorter time, the automotive battery can be used to make the electric motor running despite not being the most suitable and the most used for that fishing is not interrupted due to lack of battery are the ones deep cycle.


The deep cycle battery used in electric motor is built to provide average power to the electric motor for a very long time and this is different from the automotive battery because it is designed to provide high power for a short period of time and must be recharged soon after this period.

If the goal is not to have to go home ahead of schedule motivated by lack of load on the electric motor battery, the most appropriate is to bet on deep cycle battery, as well the fishery is guaranteed.

16 May

Buy electric motor via the Internet

You can buy electric motor via the Internet through websites that specialize in selling these products. Before we only had the option of buying this machine in physical stores, but now that reality has changed and you can also find on various websites and price even more affordable.

If you do not know how to buy electric motor pc10-3016-a via the Internet, we recommend that you do a price search the most reliable stores and see which has the most affordable value. Another factor that tends to greatly influence the purchase of any product online is the form of payment available and the discounts offered, be sure to be looking at all these details.

The Free Market site and also the site of Casas Bahia stores are two tips of places where you can find the online sale. Are great and trusted websites, they also offer great form of installments and discount for online payment. Be sure to be checking all the details about it.

17 Apr

Anchor bolts are used to place the direct electric motor on the foundation

Fixing the electric motor is more mechanical properties that require attention, because the electric motor mounting base should be flat as well will be prevented concentration of forces that might spoil the structure of the feet of the electric motor and ara hard way the electric motor does not suffer from the efforts during the electric motor starting.

It is essential in fixing the electric motor is made efficiently because the vibrations can damage the bearings and loosen the elements fixing the electric motor m3538 general motors.

Anchors are used to place the direct electric motor on the foundation when the coupling is to be done directly. The motor shaft height control compared to the machine shaft must be made by shims placed between the feet of the motor and the foundation. Ideally leveling and coupling adjustments before tightening the electric motor mounting bolts and concrete.

28 Mar

Electric motor Where Apply

Applications of electric motors vary greatly and today we have it present in segments of which can not even imagine. All this because the evolution of this machine allowed her to gain kinds of variations to meet different segments, but the function of the engine remains the same, later you will understand details about.

Electric motors can be applied in industries such as vehicles, boats, elevators, appliances and many others. The function of this engine is to the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy, all this in a much more economically than the vast majority of machines that also do this same function. avaliable now

Changes in electric motors exist to serve different purposes. The most common electric motors are those of alternating current and continuous current, they have the same function, only the inner part has different details, and one is more basic in more simple than the other.

28 Feb

Electric motor belongs to the classic family

There in the market a wide range of electric motors and they are between two families that are private households where the electric motor has distinct characteristics that are established as the power supply.

The AC motor pt061150005ls is the most common electric motor, because it works is fueled by the energy that is provided by utilities and this electric motor is the same complex. How simple, the electric motor reaches the consumer at a lower price.

The electric motor can be further divided between single-phase and polyphase. The application of the electric motor is to be applied to phase-neutral circuit and phase-to-phase that is used in homes. Three-phase are most widely used in industries and trades.

The synchronous ac electrical motor makes use of electromagnets to the stator causes the rotor to rotate, and it moves at a constant speed and always in sync with the grid frequency.